The Creative Painting Program, for ages 6 and up, focuses on the creative role in art, using acrylic paint on preprinted canvas as the medium. Students learn brush techniques, while exploring their natural artistic style.

Since this is a totally different discipline than drawing, we take the drawing element completely out of the experience. Students are provided with canvas that has been printed with a line drawing or greyscale image of the subject they will be painting.

This program incorporates a one-on-one coaching approach, so students are learning at their own level and pace. The nature of this class allows the student who loves to paint the opportunity to grow in their ability, since different projects are introduced to challenge their skill level. Once they feel comfortable with their abilities, they can provide us with a link/picture of what they’d like to paint, which we will prep for them.

Our Painting Approach
Drawing Programs


Our Drawing Programs, for children 8 and older, provide a strong foundation for understanding the technical aspects of representing our 3 dimensional world on a 2 dimensional surface. It consists of 2 levels, to help develop a strong awareness of how to draw realistically.

BASIC DRAWING, Drawing in Dimension: An exploration of how to draw our dimensional world. We learn how to draw the four basic shapes dimensionally and how to apply these rules when drawing other objects. Our focus is on the importance of foundation drawing and artistic license, to help the student become more aware of how they are drawing and why.

ADVANCED DRAWING, Shading in Dimension: Explore how to represent dimension through shading techniques, using pencils and charcoals. The importance of values, the elements of art and contrast is a key part of this course. Various projects help the student understand the processes that will help their work come alive!


This program, geared for an adult level, focuses on the creative role in art and achieving depth in painting. The medium is acrylic paint on canvas. Attention is given to application and brush techniques, while allowing the exploration of the individual’s natural style and artistic perception of their subject.

Students provide us with their own subject matter, which we will prepare on canvas for them. This gives them the ability to focus on the techniques and interests they wish to explore. Please feel free to share your ideas with us! We’d love to help you pursue your talents.

Adult Student Painting