Samples of Children's Drawing Program

Children's Drawing Programs

Our Drawing Programs, for children 8 and older, provide a strong foundation
for understanding the technical aspects of representing our 3 dimensional world
on a 2 dimensional surface. It consists of 2 levels, each building on the one
before it, to develop a strong awareness of how to draw realistically.

BASIC DRAWING: An exploration of how to draw our dimensional world. We learn how to draw the four basic shapes dimensionally and how to apply these rules when drawing other objects. Our focus on the importance of foundation drawing and artistic licence, to help the student become more aware
of how they are drawing and why.

ADVANCED DRAWING: Explore how to represent dimension through
shading techniques, using pencils and charcoals. The importance of values,
the elements of art and contrast is a key part of this course. Various projects
help the student understand the processes that will
help their work come alive!

All children's drawing programs run for 6 weeks, 1-1/2 hour classes.
Because of scheduling restraints Adults wishing to learn drawing skills are welcome to join these classes.

Check our Schedule for upcoming classes and pricing