Sample Adult Drawing

Adult Applied Art Program

This program is available on Thursday evenings only, in conjunction with the Creative Painting Program.

The format of our adult Drawing Program is changing, to provide in-depth,
practical approaches to Other Adult Programs and expand the available avenues for pursuing your artistic interests!

The classes will explore the fundamentals of different mediums as they apply to each project. We will look at the principles and elements of art, composition,
dimension, artistic license and all of the components that help create a great,
realistic piece of work.

This gives the student the ability to focus on the techniques and interests they
wish to pursue in their artistic skills. Whether it's pencil drawing, charcoals, pen and ink, pencil crayon techniques, watercolours, or whatever, this is the class for you! Please feel free to share your ideas with us! We'd love to help you pursue your talents.

The nature of this class allows the student who loves art the opportunity to
grow in their ability, since the projects and mediums are directed by the individual student to challenge their skill level and ability.

All programs run for 6 weeks and are 2 hours long.